Kylie Franzman

Kylie-FranzmanKylie has a deep love of music extending back to her early childhood.  At the age of 3 she discovered a joy for singing.  Later at the age of 7 her talent and love for piano became apparent and she commenced lessons.

Since graduating from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in 1999, Kylie has been providing tuition in piano, flute and voice to students ranging from children as young as 4 to adults.

An accomplished performer and recording artist, Kylie won the Queensland Recording Association’s award for Best Female Vocalist in 1996.  Kylie has toured extensively along the east coast of Australia and has performed at various venues and festivals, including the Woodford Folk Festival, Canberra Folk Festival and Port Fairy Folk Festival.  She has also been involved in various projects including musical compositions for film.

Kylie believes that the learning environment should be fun for students.  Kylie works with students to identify their musical interests and individual learning needs, which are then incorporated into the lessons to create an environment with a balance between required learning outcomes and having fun.

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