Terms and Conditions

I agree to the following terms and conditions.


  1. Terms are booked in nine weekly lesson blocks via our website.Please see our Term Dates. Automatic Monthly Term Subscriptions are 5% cheaper than Single Term payments (bank transfer, cheques, money orders, etc).
  2. Automatic payments are made quarterly or monthly via pay pal or credit card at the frequency shown under the heading “You have chosen” when you choose your subscription type.
  3. You are automatically booked for the same time and day for the upcoming term. There is no need to rebook for the next term.
  4. Automatic Term Subscriptions will be debited 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the upcoming term or earlier than this date if you started your subscription earlier.
  5. Automatic Monthly Subscriptions will be debited the 15th of the month prior to the beginning of the upcoming month or before this date if you started your subscription earlier.
  6. Single Term Payments are due two weeks in advance of the teaching term and payments are made via PayPal or bank transfer with the details outlined on the invoice.
  7. We may require a travel fee if there isn’t a teacher close to your location. You will be provided a quote for this.
  8. There are no lessons offered on Public Holidays**. Please negotiate another lesson during the term at a mutually agreeable time determined between you and your teacher.
  9. When you book one of our teachers you are booking a fixed time reservation exclusively for you for the duration of the term. Single, fortnightly and casual lessons are not available except for the first free trial no obligation lesson.
  10. Only one free trial lesson is available per teacher. To try a different teacher a new trial lesson will be charged at the standard single lesson rate.
  11. Your first payment occurs when you register online for the subscription of your choice following the initial free trial lesson.
  12. Registration and payment needs to be finalised at least 4 days before your first lesson.
  13. Lessons will be suspended if your account falls into arrears, and you may lose your reserved lesson time.
  14. General lesson duration recommendations are 60 mins for adults, 45 mins for high school students and 30 mins for prep and primary school students. Longer lessons are recommended for students who’ve been playing for more than 4 years, doing exams or need additional theory/aural training.
  15. Lessons on school holidays are offered separately depending on the availability of your teacher.
  16. Music books are bought and paid for by the student or student’s parents/guardians. Your teacher will direct you to what you will need for this.
  17. Financial matters can only be discussed with Home Piano Teacher administration not your teacher.

Attendance Policy

  1. Once the term has commenced you are obligated until the end of the term.
  2. The lesson time you book cannot be changed for the duration of the term except for Public Holidays**or for a Makeup Lesson***

**Public Holiday Lessons

  1. There are no lessons on public holidays. Please arrange an alternative time with your teacher during the term. See Makeup Lesson***

***Makeup Lesson Policy

  1. You can take one makeup lessons per term any time during the term depending on the availability of your teacher. 24 hours notice must be given to qualify as a makeup otherwise the missed lesson is forfeited.
  2. You must use your make up lessons by the end of the 10th week of term. Unused makeup lessons cannot be rolled over and the lesson is forfeited.

Cancellation Policy

  1. You must give 28 days notice in advance for cancellation of remaining lessons booked for the current term. You will be refunded the remainder of the term dated from 28 days in writing.
  2. If your teacher misses a lesson you can do a make up lesson anytime in the term or in the upcoming holiday lessons after the 10 week term. If a time isn’t available between you and your teacher we will provide a replacement teacher who can.


  1. Scheduling matters are organised with Home Piano Teacher administration except for make up lessons which can be organised directly with your teacher.


  1. Photographs and videos of students may be taken during lessons and recitals for marketing purposes by Home Piano Teacher. If you do not want these photographs or videos to be used please contact Home Piano Teacher administration.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

  1. Home Piano Teacher reserves the right to change any/all of these terms and conditions as necessary.
  2. All prices are subject to change.

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