1 Q. Can I learn piano as a beginner adult?
Yes there is never a time that is considered “too old” Our teachers have taught people who are over 80 years. In fact as an adult there are things you will find easier to do than a child.

2 Q. How early can my child start piano lessons?
We usually recommend 5 years old and above however depending on your child’s development starting earlier can be a great thing and we have teachers who specialize in early child education.

3 Q. Why can’t I change the lesson time each week?
When you book lessons you a reserving a teacher’s time spot and if you miss a lesson the teacher can’t get that time back. We do however offer one makeup lesson per term at your usual reserved timeslot.

4 Q. Why is it this price? I can get another teacher for cheaper than that.
Quality – Our piano teachers are some of the best in the business. You aren’t just getting a standard student tutor you are getting a professional piano teacher.
Preparation – There is a lot of preparation that goes into planning your child’s lesson so the 30 minutes your child has with the teacher is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the time outside of this.
Convenience – We bring this quality teaching to the convenience of your own home.
Saving Time – Imagine the time saved by not having to drive your kids around in peak hour and if you work it saves even more time-juggling.
Peace of Mind – You can relax while we take care of you child’s musical education in the hands of very qualified and experienced professionals.

5 Q. Can I get lessons in the holidays?
Yes we provide lessons if you and your teacher are available. Please ask the office to book your holiday lessons in and we will organize this for you.

6 Q. Do my kids have to do exams?
Our teachers can provide preparation and training for AMEB, ABRSM and Trinity College practical and theoretical examinations. But this is totally up to you as playing for fun or pleasure is always an option.

7 Q. What if I’m sick can I get a make up lesson?
As long as you give our office 24 hours notice we can arrange a makeup lesson in week 10 of the term that is designated for make up lessons. If you don’t give us notice the lesson will be forfeited with no refunds given.

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