Expectations of Our Students

Instruments and Practice Schedules

  1. The student must have a piano or keyboard to practise on. If you need help organising this ask your teacher or our office for information on piano/keyboard hire/purchase from various businesses around Brisbane.
  1. It is vital to have an instrument to practise on in the house. Ideally, it would be in a part of the house that’s not too secluded but away from other distractions and external noise. This also helps creates the idea of a piano being a normal part of everyday life.
  1. Whilst taking lessons it is expected that there is a commitment from the student of daily practise of at least 20 mins. This will increase depending on the number of years the student has been playing.
  1. For younger preschool and beginner primary school learners, 10 mins a day can be enough during the first year. Consistent daily practice is the key.


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